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The Food At Pinnacles By, Kane

My 6th grade class went on an overnight camping trip to Pinnacles National Park. The snacks and meals we had there were really tasty.    

The first breakfast we had bagels with cream cheese, cereal, hot chocolate, and fruit. The hot chocolate was my favorite part of all the breakfasts. After a bad night of shivering and then just to have a nice hot cup of cocoa. The bagels were really good even though you couldn’t toast it, although the only problem was that the bagel was ginormous, so you felt pressured to eat it and not waste food. The cereal was good, but it got soggy fast. Everything else for breakfast that morning was good.

The second morning we woke up to the smell of breakfast patties and croissant. There were two different sizes of the patties and small and a larger one. Somehow the smaller ones were much tastier than the bigger ones. The croissants were not the best buttery fluffy croissants I know and love, they were flat and doughy, but I still ate it. To drink we had orange juice and once again hot chocolate.

   The last morning we were at the campsite we had muffins. There were poppy seed chocolate chip and lemon. I just had the chocolate chip one. It was really good it was a vanilla muffin with chocolate chips in it. The other muffins looked really good too. That morning for breakfast we also had hot cocoa, which was just as good as the other mornings.

The first night at pinnacles we had spaghetti for dinner which tasted pretty good, but the meatballs that went with the spaghetti were not so good. Along with the spaghetti we had caesar salad which is my favorite salad so as you might have guessed I loved it.

and for dessert that night we had brownie bites.

The next night we made our own burritos which could be big or small a lot of people chose the big tortilla which did not fit on any one’s plate. everyone loaded their tortillas with all the toppings there were which made for some seriously overstuffed tortillas which is why my tortilla broke but just like the first night the food was great. Also just like the first night we had dessert and that nights desert was chocolate m&m cookies, I know sounds weird but they were good and that’s all that mattered.

The last night we were at pinnacles we had burgers which were pretty good in my opinion. Again we got to choose what we put on it and some people went overboard and completely stuffed their burgers. But the burgers were pretty good. Then after the burgers, we had S’mores which was amazing, then we watch each other’s skits.

Overall the food at Pinnacles was great. From the sweet taste of brownie bites to the great tasting burgers. We were especially lucky to have such a talented cook.

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