The Drive to Pinnacles By Emi Roberts and Julia Erwin

Emi: Hey Julia! What do you remember about the drive to Pinnacles?

Julia: Um… I remember it being SUPER loud, filled with memes and TikTok™  

Emi: Oof. Who was your car group?


Julia: Bella (for the drive there) Booker, Lou, Naor, Ethan, and Gus (for the drive back). Booker’s dad, Topher, drove. What about you?

Emi: My mom drove and I had Anna and Sarah in my car group. Was Topher tolerant of you?

Julia: yEAh!….? Sort of.

Emi: My mom was super into our conversations. She was really funny in “life advice”! We listened to a lot of The Greatest Showman

Julia: Lucky! We listened to Manamana and Disney Songs! The Disney songs were pretty fun to listen too but some of the other songs were pretty bad

Emi: It’s like, the best movie!

Julia: I know right! But let’s get back on topic.

Emi: Anyway, how was the drive back?

Julia: It was OK. Lots of the same things. We almost stopped at Starbucks! Gus also switched from Cherry’s car to ours. The car was pretty cramped.

Emi: On the drive back, Anna pretended to fall asleep on Sarah’s lap, so we were trying to shade her eyes, and like, keep her still on the turns so she wouldn’t “wake up!”

Julia: Was she tired?

Emi: Ya. Sarah said she got almost no sleep on the last night.

Julia: Poor Anna! I slept fine on the last night. But on the drive back, oh my gosh, it was way too crazy to fall asleep. Anyway, did you stop to get any food?

Emi: I mean, my mom got doughnut holes for us beforehand. You said you almost stopped at Starbucks. Did you?

Julia: Yeah, Bookers mom drove us back.  

Emi: Wait, you said that Booker’s dad drove you there, did they both chaperone?

Julia No, they switched halfway through the trip. Anyways, We weren’t able to stop at Starbucks because Booker’s mom said “This car doesn’t go to Starbucks”

Emi: That’s hilarious! Well, that’s all the space we have. Thank you for reading, viewer!

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