Grace S.

In Pinnacles we played so many different games like Concentration, Contact, Seismologist, and Water in the Face. We played all these games and more while on the trails and while we were at camp during free time. They were all really fun and great time passers.



While on the long hike we played this game called Contact, it is where when walking one person thinks of a word and tells everybody the first letter, for instance if they said that the first letter is ‘a’ everybody would think about what is could be, like ‘apple’ so one person would define the word they think it is outloud and someone who knew what they were talking about would say ‘contact’ and then together they would count to three and say apple together. And the person who thought of the word would tell them if it is right or not, and if it is wrong they would say one more letter of the word, but if in the middle of the people counting if the one who came up with the word know what word they are thinking and it is not that they can say ‘stop’ and they do not have to tell the people the next letter, and if it was right someone else would think of a word to do.



Concentration is a game that we played when we stopped on the trail, you start by sitting in a circle with one hand on the person’s hand sitting next to you, and your other hand under the other person sitting next to you .Then one person starts by hitting the person’s hand next to you and the pass the slap around singing “Concentration is a game with no repeats or hesitation and the category is…”  and the last person whose hand get slapped pics category like ‘boy names’ and everybody in the circle goes around slapping their neighbors hands and says a boy names until someone says a name that has already been said or hesitates before saying a name would be out. And you keep doing that until it is the last person standing.


Water in the face


My favorite game, was played mostly on the last day it’s called Water in the Face this game was very refreshing in the hot dry days. This game is similar to Concentration but a bit wetter. Way to play: Make a circle, choose one person to be in the middle who has a filled water bottle. Next the person standing in the middle picks a topic such as colors, that person then goes around the circle asking each person a color, if the person whose turn it is hesitates or repeats a color that person receives a splash of water in their face. This fun game is a great one to play with a medium sized group on a hot day.



Another fun game is Seismologist, this game is a more sciencey one. How to Play: Stand in a circle, choose one person to be the “seismologist.” Next decide on one person “the earthquake starter” to dance or do a pattern that the whole group copies, tell the seismologist to come back to the circle. The earthquake starter changes the pattern every so often, the seismologist tries to guess who the earthquake starter is he has three guess to figure it out. This game is great for 4-10 people.



All these games are great team building activities, especially on hikes these games made the hikes slightly less hard. These games are also great time passers, I can’t say how many times my friends and I played concentration while we were waiting for someone to fill up their water bottle. I also highly suggest playing water in the face when you are sweaty and tired (it’s very refreshing.) I think the games played in pinnacles were a important fun part of the trip. (These are just a few!).   


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