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Pinnacles Nights By Gus and August

At Pinnacles National Park during the days we’d go on hikes and experience the crazy cool caves. We also climbed the steep cliffs of Pinnacles, and those things were extremely fun, but the nights could easily compete. We learned about California and it’s National Parks and did silent draws on what we heard around us like a bird chirping in the distance. And on our last night, we made very hysterical skits about fake things we made up about the “history” of Pinnacles!

During the nights we did different activities including games and other learning activities. One of the games we played was called Moth and Bat, in this game, one person acted as a bat and another acted as a moth, the bat put a blindfold on and tried to tag the moth using echolocation. We also learned about California’s National Parks there are nine! And California has the oldest, tallest and widest trees. Giant Sequoias are the biggest, California Redwoods are the tallest and Bristlecone pines are the oldest. Some of the most popular National Park are Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and the Channel Islands. We also did another activity in this one we sat silently in the grass for five minutes, during these five minutes we listened to all of the sounds around us and sketched what we heard.

On our last night, most of us were sad to go home the next day but that night cheered everyone up. With the funny jokes in every skit, all and the laughter, I don’t know how you could be sad. There were three skits where divided by our trail groups. The first skit was done by the Pollo loco group. Their skit was about how cottonwood came to be. Their story was about a volcano in pinnacles splitting in half. And a fairy named Bingbing followed one half of the volcano, and on the journey with the volcano, he finds a tree with lots of cotton on the tree. Bingbing named the tree a cottonwood and spread them all around pinnacles. And that’s the story of the Pollo loco group made.

The next story is written and made by the perky condors. Their story was about two people who walked into a visitor center and watched a video about how dangerous a snake called rebar snake is and how much it loves tar. It was very odd but, like I said extremely funny.

The last group who had there skit were the murderous slugs. Their skit was also about how the cotton came to pinnacles. How it all started is in Pinnacles two tribes fought and fought for land. They hated how all their men were dying so they had a plan to settle it with a game of golf. Each tribe choose their best golfers, for the driver tribe chose Jimmy driver for their golfer. And for the Putthole tribe (and yes we know, it rhymes with butthole) chose their best golfer johnny Putthole. The hole they were trying to make it in was miles and miles away,. The two tribes were neck and neck at the hole, they both took their golf clubs out and swung as hard as they could and smashed together. The golf balls broke from the collision and became cotton. And that’s how cotton came Pinnacles.

We got chips ahoy but they kinda taste bad. They had croissants, but they were cold. And even though the nights were one or maybe the best part of Pinnacles, it was very cold during the nights. Even though bad came along with the good during this trip it was by far better than Coloma and Marine. If you liked Coloma or Marine beware because Pinnacles is way better!

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