Cooking & Food

Pinnacles: Getting Food By Dylan Hoffmanfriedes

Imagine camp food in a cafeteria. But outside and no lunch ladies. That’s eating at Pinnacles a National Monument the 6 grader’s camp. This is all about the work that you do before and after you eat at Pinnacles, from setup to clean up and everything in between.

Setting up at Pinnacles is not that bad for dinner. But for breakfast, it is a different story. The reason that breakfast is so bad is that you have to get up so early to do it.  All you have to do for both breakfast and dinner is fill up the blue containers with water. The buckets are about as wide as two computers set side by side and as tall as a textbook. You then set up the food on a plastic moveable table, but keep in mind your whole trail group is doing it with you. If you finish early you would start on cleaning the dishes. The last thing you need to do is set up the cleaning containers. There are five buckets in total and they all go in a certain order. First, you have the scrubbing station that consisted of two buckets; one has water and the other container is empty except for the strainer on top of it. Then they have one filled with soapy water and one with water. The last container is filled with bleach and water.

Even if you start the dishes during setup you will still have plenty to do during clean up. You also have to put all the extra food into bread bags so they can feed it to the pigs. Once everyone has washed their dishes you have to clean up the cleaning buckets. There is a specific order to this:  first you put the water bucket into the bucket with the strainer, then the soapy one into the water one, and then all of it into the strainer bucket. You are going to do this until you have done that with the bleach one and all the buckets contents are in the one with the strainer. The last step is to clean the strainer and carry the bucket that the strainer was into the street. Now is the funniest part: kicking over the disgusting bucket of filth.

To get your food at Pinnacles you have to line up in the middle of the campsites with your trail group. The first group to get their food is the group that set up the food. While they get their food, the other group does a trivia question, and whoever gets it right gets their food next. Once you get your food, you just take a seat on the ground with your group of friend. After everyone has gotten their food they call seconds. Then once everyone is sitting down again they call the last call, this is when the cleanup crow know it’s time to wash their dishes and get started cleaning up. To clean your dishes all you have to do is go through the sequence of buckets. You start at the scrubbing station and then go down the line.

After reading this you probably think that eating at the pinnacle is kind of annoying but it’s not that bad. You get used to it and for setup and clean up you only do it once for dinner and once for breakfast. But if you asked me about the food we had on the trip I would have to say it was pretty bad.

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