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Picking Poppy Seed Pods By Anna & Lou

On April 30, we left for our sixth-grade overnight camping trip to Pinnacles National Park. We went rock climbing, slept in tents, and the food we ate was outstanding compared to other camping food. One of our biggest highlights from the trip was something that you don’t get to do very often; we got to explore a beautiful field of California Poppies where we had an incredible experience picking Poppy seeds.

It was a very unique experience like nothing we have ever done before. We were in a field of Poppies and we went from plant to plant picking the seed pods that held the Poppy seeds. We were looking for strong, dark colored, sturdy Poppy seed pods to pick. We were a short walk away from our campsite, where there was a field with lots of Poppies growing there. This part of the National Park is off-limits for anyone who did not get approval from the Park Rangers. Picking Poppy seed pods was not hard at all and it was very fun and it was nice to help the National Park and the Park Rangers.

We picked Poppy seed pods to help the Park Rangers who would have to do it themselves. Where we were it was very dry and hot. In the field, there were some rattlesnakes but nobody saw one while we were picking the pods. There was this one shady spot farther out in the field so nobody was able to be in the shade. It really helps the Park Rangers to make their job a little easier as a Ranger.  We also did it to help the Poppy population, not just to help the Park Rangers. It is important because the Poppy population has decreased over the years, and Poppies are very pretty, nice orange flowers that the Rangers want to keep in the park.

After we picked the poppy seed pods, we gave them to the Park Rangers. We filled about four bags of pods to give them. After, the Park Rangers give the pods to this organization which planted them and increased the population by two-hundred percent! We are so glad that we could help. The poppy population looks very good now.

You might not be able to tell, but we had a blast in Pinnacles. We did so many new things we never imagined we would. If you are interested in helping at Pinnacles National Park, the Park Rangers have volunteer days that you can sign up for. You can help pick weeds, or Poppy seed pods, many more things! It is very helpful for the park rangers and is very good for the park. You can click here to visit their website.


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