Our Trip To Pinnacles And The Hike Up Scout Peak By Lucia

All of the 6th grade is fun and interesting but one of the best parts of school was our trip to Pinnacles. One of the most exciting parts about the trip was the long hike up Scout Peak. The hike to Scout Peak was the longest hike we took during the trip and was about nine miles.

The walk to Scouts Peak was not as long as the walk back but it was just as interesting. We drove as far as we could there but still ended up walking a good mile or two to get to the top, then we walked back. On the way, we played games to pass the time, and we had many stops to drink water. We also had a strategy to put water on our bandanas so we stayed cool on the hot hike.

On the walk there we got to go through some caves. The way these particular caves were formed was different from other caves. Some caves form from erosion but this cave formed when a crack was made in the earth. After the crack was made rock fell on top of it and the bigger rocks that could not fit in the crack fell on top of it making the roof of the cave. In the cave, it was slightly cooler than the outside and there were many waterfalls and streams throughout it. There is an area in the caves where bats sometimes live so it is closed off when the bats are mating.

The rocks in Pinnacles themselves were amazing to look at. The rocks formed in a very strange way. Pinnacles used to be a volcano but when the volcano erupted half the volcano stayed where it was and the other half got blown away by the explosion landing were Pinnacles now stands and creating the spectacular mountain ranges and igneous rock formations we can see today.

Along the hike, we saw some spectacular wildlife. While we were walking on our trail we saw a colony of bees splitting in half to make a new hive so, to not get stung, we walked one person at a time. Luckily, no one got stung because the bees were so focused on their work. As we kept going, we saw a Striped Racer Snake. It was crossing the path but then it stopped in the middle, so we couldn’t go on. After a few minutes, it finally left and we returned to our hike. We also saw another snake during our hike, a Rattlesnake. Fortunately, it did not cross our path and we let it be. Other forms of wildlife in Pinnacles include several types of birds. While we hiked in Pinnacles we stopped and counted how much different birds called we could hear.

Overall Pinnacles is a beautiful and exciting place. There are many incredible sights to behold and places to explore. It’s a trip will remember for quite a while.   


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