Field Trips

My Favorite Yosemite Experience


Kat Conable

My seventh grade class recently went on our annual overnight field trip to Yosemite we had a lot of incredible experiences.  On Thursday morning, our last full day in the Valley, my trail group and I left for the biggest hike of our trip. We were told to bring a rain layer, as we would be hiking the Mist Trail, and would get soaked. My group and I hiked for a few hours, slowly ascending a mountain on switchbacks. We eventually reached the base of the fantastic Vernal Falls. We were all awed by its majesty and stunning beauty. We hiked up the stone stairs, getting soaked, painfully aware of the fact that one misstep and our lives lost are in the swirling, churning water of the Merced. When we reached the top, I was devastated by the magnificent view of the valley. Below us, a rainbow shimmered in the mist and sunlight. Above, the sun shone brilliantly, illuminating the world anew. Straight ahead, enormous mountains stood tall and proud, filling me with a feeling that I can only describe as sunshine. Though the hike up was long and arduous, the exquisite views and once in a lifetime experience were more than worth it.

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