Games in Pinnacles By Cassie Mendivil and Cherry Andrews

On our sixth-grade four-day overnight field trip we played many games with our trail groups and naturalists, or with friends at the campsite where we stayed. Games were a big part of our trip, making us closer and more trusting of each other. Some of the many games that we played were, “Water in the Face” (which is basically “Concentration”), and we did play “Concentration”, also “Jedi Training”, and “Who Stole My Jedi Juice”.

“Water in the Face” is basically Concentration; the difference between the two games is that there is one person in the middle who holds a small cup of water. Everyone else stands in a circle around the person. The person in the middle chooses a category, then they go around the circle until someone repeats what has already been said or hesitates. If they mess up then the middle person throws the water on their face, aka: “Water in the Face”.

Another game that we played on our overnight camping trip to Pinnacles was “Jedi Training”. To play the game someone must be in the middle; they have a bat (we used a rolled up yoga mat, but it doesn’t matter) and a treasure that they guard (we used a pencil case, but again it doesn’t matter). Next, you choose a Jedi (someone to guard the treasure), and you need to make sure that they are blindfolded and cannot see. Then choose your thief; the thief walks around trying to steal the Jedi’s treasure. If the thief is successful then you trade the Jedi position out; if they are unsuccessful, then you may or may not trade Jedi’s (we played both ways). It is a really fun game and I would recommend playing at night when it is dark because it is more fun that way.

“Concentration” is a game that you can play anywhere like in the car, trail, house, and more. “Concentration” is a really easy game to learn. You play by first getting into a circle. Once you’re in a circle, put your hands on top of the person on your right, then put your other hand on the bottom of the other person’s hand on your left. Then sing this: “Concentration is a game with no repeats or hesitations, category is…” When you sing that song somebody will start by picking up their right hand, lightly clapping the other person’s hand, and it will go around in a circle. When everyone says category is… the person’s hand that last gets clapped chooses a category. That is how you play “Concentration”.

“Who Stole My Jedi Juice?” is like “Red Light, Green Light”, but it is a bit different. To play, you need a biggish area. Get an object–it is easier to play with a ball or a small object like that. Instead of saying “Red Light, Green Light” you would say “Where is my Jedi juice?” Then you would turn around just like Red Light, Green Light. If you see someone move, then all of the people go back to the start. That is how you play “Who Stole My Jedi Juice?”

We had so much fun playing games with our friends in Pinnacles. From Concentration to Jedi Training, these are all games we would recommend playing in a group of people. We had so much fun learning so many fun games. Our naturalists were fun and silly, they made all of our games even more fun than they would have been without them there. We would recommend taking a vacation and going camping in Pinnacles National Park.

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