Animals Of the Pinnacles By Colin and Naor

Our trip to the Pinnacles National Park was full of wondrous views and many surprises. We also saw a whole lot of animals! We encountered condors, raccoons, and even snakes! We thought some of our stories were pretty cool, so we would like to share them.

The snakes at Pinnacles had funny stories to tell. One group (Naor’s group) saw a rattlesnake in the men’s bathroom. Some people tried getting really close to it for a photo, luckily, it had run away. I didn’t try to get close because I didn’t want to get hurt but some other people did try. Our group also saw these little tiny snakes in the reservoir. The squirrels there were very nice and would come very close to you if you had food. On the hike to the reservoir, we went to the caves and saw beautiful rock formations. Through the caves, we were told there were no snakes, though that proved to be true, we had a pretty big scare. A piece of rebar showed up and everyone thought it was a rattlesnake (even our naturalist!)

Condors are a huge part of California and Pinnacles National Park. There are only 463 left in the entire world! We saw three of these birds! The reason there are so little is that they feed on dead animals and the carcasses sometimes carry poison, diseases, and pesticides which kills the condors and makes their eggs very brittle. If you want to try to spot a condor, you should know how to identify these. Luckily, it’s not very hard. Just look under their wings, you will see white around the armpits. They also have a wingspan of 10 feet!                                                                                                                                                                   Condors are sometimes confused with the turkey vulture, which has a white pattern at the edge of their wings. Turkey vultures happen to be quite a lot smaller with a wingspan of 2 to 3 feet.

The raccoons at Pinnacles are a whole different story. They can be so mischievous. Personally, Naor and I had no issues with the raccoons. We did hear that if you didn’t put your stuff in the bear boxes, (Those were like big metal boxes where you put good smelling stuff and your dishes in so the raccoons wouldn’t get it) they would UNZIP your tent! How crazy is that?! We also heard that one time a raccoon broke into a tent and stole a backpack. The bag was later found in a ravine. Luckily that didn’t happen to us. Some of our friends were pranking each other and hid food next to their sleeping bag so raccoons would come. No raccoons came so that prank was useless. All in all, the raccoons were friendly and not a problem.

With so many animals at Pinnacles National Park, the experiences at Pinnacles never stopped. With the snakes and the condors and the raccoons and so much more! Those were just a few of our experiences. A lot of people before us also had quite a bit of action with the animals. Like how the raccoon threw the backpack into a ravine. What a trickster. Overall Pinnacles was a great trip and if our looking to go camping I recommend it. JUST LOOK OUT FOR MOSQUITOS! They’re everywhere!

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