Letters from the Editor

A Farewell From the 7th Grade Gazette Staff


We are excited (and a bit sad) to announce that the final issue of the this year’s Gateway Gazette is here! In this issue we will be telling you about the amazing overnight trips the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders went on. Also included will be the official announcement of next year’s Student Council officers, who were elected on Monday. Before you go begin reading all those articles, though, we have a few words of farewell to this year. What an incredible school year we have had! Change is on the horizon as we move into our new campus next year, and though we are sad to say goodbye to this campus full of so many memories, we can’t wait to have more space, and even a gym! We’d also like to thank all the middle schoolers who contributed to the Gazette. Your writing has made us think and wonder, and your stories and poems have offered us snapshots into other worlds. Thank you. And of course congratulations to the 8th graders! Good luck in high school! And good luck to everyone who is leaving for a new adventure next year. We’re here for you.

Goodbye, year!

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