Bookish for Books By Konish Bhattacharya

“Darius the Great is Not Ok” by Adib Khorram was a fantastic read, filled with heartbreaking moments and loving memories. Adib Khorram does an outstanding job of presenting how being discriminated through racism can affect one’s feelings and actions. This book has a moral that needs to be taken to heart in today’s world: think about your actions and what effect they will have on others rather than acting on impulse. It is a story of finding your identity and where you truly fit in.

     The main character, Darius, faces discrimination through name calling and exclusion. The only things he seems to enjoy are making tea and watching Star Trek with his dad. Watching Star Trek with his dad is special to him because it’s the one thing he and his dad do together. When Darius’s grandfather falls ill, his Mom announces that they are taking a trip to Iran. In Iran, Darius feels left out just like at home. He doesn’t know the language, Farsi which made it very hard. Moreover, when Darius’s medical condition of being depressed is revealed to his family in Iran, his grandfather is the opposite of supportive. Finally, Darius meets someone he can relate with who is a boy from his neighborhood named Sohrab. Together, they travel the city and play soccer and Darius realizes him and Sohrab are alike. They both had a spot waiting to be filled by a best friend.

      All in all, I highly recommend this book to enthusiastic readers in middle school and high school. The book promises restless nights of reading and not being able to put the book down. “Darius The Great is Not Ok” is the perfect book to teach us that even if you haven’t found your identity yet, it will be ok.


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